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Old Mandolin

Old mandolin mop inlay on pic guard ~ Antonio Grauso Naples New York BIN ~~ $79


Vintage Mandolin-Old Mandolin- Mandolin LOT


New Old Stock ALLEN Monteleone Mandolin Tailpiece Unplated Bronze


Kingston Mandolin, no strings, old, imperfect


Vintage Old Soul Mandolin F-5 with Gibson Strings


Vintage 100 Year Old "HUB" Mandolin, Modified Flat-Back Nice,Brazilian Rosewood


FANTASTIC rare 12 string GOURD MANDOLIN antique old vintage music ESTATE music


Vintage 1930s Mandolin Cool Old Folk Instrument


Old Hickory Mandolin A Style Sunburst


Old Wood Mandolin Lute Musical Instrument 8 String Barrel Round Back Distressed


WOW! Gibson A-2 Mandolin 1921 Brown + Hard Shell Case! 97 Years Old!


VINTAGE! Gibson Model A-1 Mandolin 1918 Natural! 100 Years Old!


Vintage Old Kraftsman Venetian 50's Mandolin Minor Project Restore


VINTAGE American Conservatory BOWLBACK MANDOLIN 100 year old


Morgan Monroe MDM1 Mandolin ***NEW OLD STOCK***


Aria F Style Mandolin AM400 With Case New Old Stock


ORPHEUM No1 8-string Mandolin Banjo w/ CASE - VINTAGE - OLD


JOSEPH BACHMANN MANDOLIN Made in Chicago. Old, but Sounds Good. VINTAGE


KEY Mandolin & Chipboard Case Model H-M-6 - needs restring currently only 7 OLD




Beautiful old German mandolin by Hofner NOS


Bowlback mandolin Calace embergher vinaccia with soundclip. Over 100 years old.


Russian Mandolin, antique over 100 yrs old , Stradavarius Copy Violin, Fender g


Washburn M6SWK Jethro Burns All Solid F-Style Mandolin w/Case - NEW OLD STOCK


Old Vintage Octave Mandolin 8 String Bouzouki Mother of Pearl


Old vintage mandolin of the USSR.


Big old german mandolin or mandola? needs service floral inlayed decorations


Beautifully flamed, very old WAPPEN MANDOLIN needs service


Big old mandolin / mandola? Beautiful inlayed rose, nice condition!


Nice old German MANDOLIN "Herwiga Solist; Wilh. Herwig Markneukirchen"


Unusual old French "Ideala" MANDOLIN "Louis Patenotte Fils Mattaincourt"


fine old butterfly quality bowlback 8string mandolin DREIMA Germany 1920s


very old 8 string Mandolin


fine old OTWIN 8string mandolin MAndoline mando Otto Windisch Germany 1920s


Mandolin VINACCIA, NAPOLI 1938 YOUTUBE SAMPLE! mandolino antico mandoline old


Nice old 12 string MANDOLIN w. a nice inlays, nicely flamed back and side!


Nice, very old German mandolin w. inlayed butterfly and linterestig


fine old Meinel & Herold bowlback mandolin 1920s Germany quality 8string mando


Mandolin P. VINACCIA, NAPOLI 1876 YOUTUBE SAMPLE! mandolino antico mandoline old


Nice old mandolin w. floral inlays! needs service


Nice old German MANDOLIN w. a nicely inlayed butterfly


Very nice old MANDOLIN by "Meinel & Herold Klingenthal" needs repair